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Navigating a global pandemic

How will the coronavirus transform healthcare, retirement, and insurance?


The new IFRS standard for insurance contracts promises to have a transformative effect on insurers’ financial reporting. Milliman has unparalleled experience with Solvency II and other regulatory regimes, coupled with groundbreaking systems implementation and industrialisation capabilities.

Solvency II

As a full service actuarial and consulting firm, Milliman brings a comprehensive understanding of the application of risk adjustment and predictive modeling to complex healthcare applications. Whether you require risk adjustment tools, strategic advice, or customized models, knowledgeable consultants and actuaries are always available to help design and deliver successful solutions.


Workshop - De toekomst van renteafdekking

Op 10 december 2020 heeft Marcel Kruse op het Pensioenpro jaarcongres een workshop gegeven over de toekomst van renteafdekking in het nieuwe pensioencontract. Aan de hand van stellingen bespreekt hij o.a. de rentegevoeligheid van het nieuwe pensioencontract, de mate van de renteafdekking en welke instrumenten in het nieuwe pensioencontract worden gebruikt om het renterisico af te dekken.

Wilt u meer weten over renteafdekking in het nieuwe pensioencontract? Neem dan contact op met Marcel Kruse.


Webinar: Uitwerking Pensioenakkoord: Meer inzicht in de impact!

Milliman heeft op donderdag 9 juli 2020, samen met AVV, een webinar georganiseerd, waarin een nadere toelichting is gegeven op de uitwerking van het Pensioenakkoord en de resultaten uit de pensioenstudie van AVV.

Wilt u meer weten over welke stappen u moet ondernemen om u voor te bereiden op de wijzigingen die nodig zijn tussen 2022 en 2026? Stuur voor een gesprek over onze aanpak een bericht aan secretariaat.amsterdam@milliman.com.

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We’re driving the future with our analytics and modeling technologies

Reserving and IBNP reserve estimation


Analyze unpaid claims liabilities with industry-leading stochastic and deterministic reserving tools and methods.

Solvency II reporting and compliance
Solvency II reporting & compliance


Streamline Solvency II compliance with a multi-user, multi-site tool for Standard Formula SCR and quantitative reporting templates.

Software performance enhancement
Financial Modeling Platform

Milliman Mind IFRS 17 module

Milliman Mind is a flexible and easy-to-use web-based platform that offers you a cost-effective IFRS 17 calculation tool.

White Paper

2018 IFRS 17 Preparedness Survey

In 2018, Milliman conducted a global survey to measure the preparedness of insurers and reinsurers for the new international accounting standard, International Financial Reporting Standard 17.


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Elshof Wouter

Wouter Elshof

Principal, Consulting Actuary

Wouter is a principal and consulting actuary in the Amsterdam office of Milliman. He and his team are responsible for risk management activities in Benelux.

Peter Franken

Peter Franken

Principal, Consulting Actuary

Peter is a principal and consulting actuary in the Amsterdam office of Milliman. He and his team are responsible for the non-life and health insurance activities in Benelux.

Sagoenie Rajish

Rajish Sagoenie

Principal, Consulting Actuary

Rajish is a principal and consulting actuary in the Amsterdam office of Milliman. He joined the firm in 2011. He currently serves as the firm's pension managing director.

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