The ERM journey

The ERM journey, NL

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Risk, uncertainty and complexity are challenges common to enterprises across many different industries. Milliman has developed universally applicable techniques for analysing organisational structures and processes that can reveal and mitigate the financial implications of risk factors and can help any organisation to become more resilient.

In this short film, Milliman principals and consultants Neil Cantle, Paola Luraschi, Stephen Conwill, Laurens Roodbol, and Joshua Corrigan discuss how Milliman’s breadth of expertise spread across the globe can guide organisations on their enterprise risk management (ERM) journey, from creating an enterprise risk management framework to implementing recommendations, organising the compliance function and creating reporting tools.

Stephen Batstone and James Moulder, co-founders of Reunion Asia Pacific, a specialist energy consultancy firm allied with Milliman in the Asia Pacific region, comment on the role of bias and culture, the cost of inefficiencies, the need for better tools, and Milliman’s unique expertise in modelling uncertainty and complex systems.

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